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  • Decrease pain and inflammation

  • Improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage

  • Help restore nerve function

  • Stretch and strengthen muscles

  • Reduce tissue adhesions 

  • Improve function and restore range of motion 


Osteopaths use gentle, safe and effective manual therapy techniques to limit any patient discomfort during and after treatment. Following treatment some patients occasionally report mild soreness to the area of the body treated which generally resolves within 48 hrs.


 Back pain

 Neck pain and neck stiffness

 Shoulder pain and "Frozen Shoulder"

 Elbow and Hand Pain

 Hip, knee and ankle pain

 Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue, 

 Muscle spasm

 Carpal tunnel syndrome

 Minor Sports injuries 

✓ Ligament sprains 



​​✓ Muscle Strains

 Arthritic pain and Joint stiffness

 Digestive Problems "IBS"

 Repetitive strain injuries

 Pregnancy related postural pain

 StressSleeping difficulites

 Tension Headaches, Migraine

 Neuralgia "trapped nerves"

 Tennis elbow, Golfers elbow


Osteopathy uses a combination of safe and effective non invasive manual therapy techniques to treat the underlying cause of pain.  At Stockholm City Osteopathy we use gentle manipulation, soft tissue mobilisation, joint articulation, muscle resistance techniques (MET) and neuromuscular therapy to:

At Stockholm City Osteopathy we help treat a wide variety of common health conditions:


At your first consultation we begin by taking a detailed medical case history. You will be asked questions about your problem, symptoms, medical history, previous injuries, medications you are taking and lifestyle factors which may be related to your condition. Your Osteopath will also look at previous medical reports / tests results  i.e. Xray, MRI or other scans if available.

Once your case history is taken, an osteopathic examination is conducted to diagnose your problem.  This includes:

  • Physical examination​​​​.

  • Postural assessment.  

  • Diagnostic, orthopaedic and neurological tests.

The diagnosis will then be explained to you and followed with Osteopathic treatment, exercise prescription and lifestyle changes discussed. On average individuals benefit from between 3 and 8 Osteopathic manual therapy treatments depending on the nature of the problem.

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